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Erectile Dysfunction is commonly known as male impotence, which results in a constant inability to sustain a stable erection necessary for a satisfactory sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is condition that signifies that the body is having some other kind of disorder, which is actually causing the ED. Therefore ED is not a disease by itself but it is an indication of body’s major or any minor malfunction. If the disorder that is causing the ED is treated properly then one can get rid of the ED, but most of the time people find it very embarrassing to reveal this problem to their partners and therefore the situation persists. Natural remedy for erectile dysfunction generally takes a lot more time than the usual medical assistance. Many male of 40-70 age groups have ED due to which they lead an unsatisfied sexual life and are mostly found to be having symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders.

Why a man having ED must discuss the problem with his partner?

Any problem; big or small, must be treated with utmost attention. Though ED isn’t given must importance by the people and often people hide such problems from their partners which usually results to depression in their relationships and the mental condition. People those who are suffering from ED are mostly susceptible to various psychological problems due to which they should be handled with love and compassion by their partners. They are often seen with various complexity and stress related issues which can be fatal if they aren’t guided appropriately by some psychologist or by the required medical help. These issues also stop the person from getting rid of ED and thus the problem stays until any proper action is taken. The longer somebody ignores such issues the more time it takes to treat the ED. Erectile problems are resolved easily and progressively if during the treatment procedures the partner is closely associated with the one suffering from the problem.

What is Erection?

Erection results after a complex process inside the male body. It involves the interference of the CNS, hormones, psychological factors and blood circulation. Penis is directly associated with erection therefore if there is any problem in the muscle function then it get reflected during erection. Any stimuli like touch, visuals or smell can instigate the processes that result to erection. Generally the incentives resulting to erection depends on the person’s preferences and mood.

What are the causes of ED?

If there is any disorder in the processes that are responsible for causing erection then ED can happen. The popular causes of ED are factors related to aging, abnormality in blood pressure, diabetes, smoking and drinking habits, lifestyle, side-effects due to certain medicines, problems related to nervous system, and various kinds of mental disorders. Some doctors say that Low Testosterone causes ED but it is also seen that people with low testosterone have healthy and normal erection. Therefore low testosterone can’t be called as a direct reason of ED. Though there is no proper reason of ED but it is said that both physical and mental illness can result to ED in male.

List of physical illness that causes ED:

• Heart problems and Atherosclerosis
• Low Testosterone level
• High cholesterol and blood pressure
• Diabetes
• Alcohol or drug addiction
• Insomnia
• Issues related to Prostate gland (prostate enlargement and prostate cancer)
• Prolonged or major side effects of some drug
• Peyronie’s disease and Parkinson’s disease
• Surgeries that might have caused issues related to spinal cord
• Local paralysis of pelvic area

List of mental illness that causes ED:
• Stress related to anything be it money, job, relationship, health, etc.
• Anxiety issues mostly it is the guilt that the person may not be able to meet with his partner’s expectation during the sexual intercourse. It might result due to one’s low self-esteem.
• Lack of sexual interest that might be due to aging or certain kind of medication
All the factors that cause ED can be treated only if the problem is discussed properly with the doctor. Since it is complex process that causes ED hence the reason of ED must be understood accurately by the doctor so that the suitable treatment can started. There are also certain cases where the person suffering from ED is the only one who needs to do the maximum action to get rid of it, such cases are seen when any minor psychological problem causes the ED.

How ED treatment is done by the doctor?
The treatment of ED solely depends on the factor causing it. Sometimes a simple variation in the lifestyle helps a man to get rid of ED but there are also cases where a man has to go through complex treatment procedures like high dose of medicines or surgeries. Doctors can also prescribe natural ED remedies to some people depending on the adversity of their ED. Such remedies are of low influence and must be taken for a really long time until a proper result is visible among the patients. Following are the types of treatments done by the doctors according to the patient’s condition:

• If the ED is due to any psychological illness then the person suffering from such ED should immediately talk to a counselor who is specialized in such field. The counselor first talks to the patient about his lifestyle, relationships and various other intricate topics related to his life. On the basis of the discussion he tried to find out the point where the problem lies. During the whole process he tries to support the patient with some mental help like talking with compassion and care. In some cases he even talks to the patient’s partner to sort out the matter. The therapy also contains some natural cure for ED which the patient is advised to continue until he is cured.

• Medications of ED are given to the patient either as oral pills or as injections. Sometimes the drug is directly injected inside the penis. Whenever a doctor prescribes any medication for ED he first asks about all the other drugs that the patient is currently taking. This is done because sometimes the drugs for ED interferes with the other drugs taken by the patient for example; a person who is taking drugs containing nitrate for heart disorders must not take ED medication pills like Sildenafil or Tadalafil since it may result to a drastic fall in blood pressure. Examples of the drugs prescribed by the doctors for ED problems are Avanafil, Sildenafil which is commonly known as Viagra, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, etc. These pills are taken by the person suffering from ED few hours before the sexual intercourse. If the erection persists for more than 4 hours then he must seek immediate medical aid. Some common side effects that can be experienced by the patients are headache, muscle pain, weight loss, hair fall, nausea, etc.

• If medication doesn’t help the patient then doctors usually go for surgery. The surgeries include putting an implant (Malleable implant and inflatable implant) inside the penis of the patient or correcting the vascular construction to ensure the required blood flow for a normal erection. Implants may cause various kinds of UTIs depending on the post-surgery responds of the patient’s body. Implants also have their own set of other adverse complexities such as; it gets very difficult for the doctors to operate for any urological cause on a patient having such kind of implants. Furthermore implants may also shift or breakdown inside the person’s body.

• Some people use vacuum devices to get a normal erection for sex. These devices can be used without medical recommendation. Almost all the people using these devices get satisfactory erection. People who go through prostate surgery often lose their erection for some time, so the doctors prescribe them these artificial erecting devices that help them to get a normal erection. The device is made up of plastic material and looks like a cylinder that has a pump. The pump makes a suction of the air that is inside the cylinder it results to a steady and powerful blood flow inside the penis.

What are the natural ED cures?
Today ED is a very common problem among the males. This is due to the various psychological and lifestyle pressures that the men have to go through every single day of their life. But ED is also curable and therefore people shouldn’t panic if unfortunately they catch themselves with the disorder. There are well known natural cures for ED, which are very effective in some cases and are also strictly recommended by the doctors. Following are the natural ED cures:

• Regular exercising is definitely good but not over exercising.
• Having a proper balanced diet and drinking sufficient water.
• Getting a proper and adequate sleep every day.
• Stopping alcohol consumption or consuming a limited quantity.
• Putting a permanent stop on smoking habit.
• Stay happy and curb depression.

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