Exercise is still the best medicine


Today’s youngsters are much concerned about their physical well being. They attach a lot of importance to looking good, eating right and exercising. The growth of a wide range of fitness products and gym-wear further asserts the fact. Exercise has its own benefits. Just as advertisements promote exercising and staying fit, another section of the market is loaded with “quick methods” of losing weight and getting in the desired shape. That is highly discouraged. Most of these products contain chemicals that have other side effects and though they yield satisfactory results, they also lead to other ailments like headaches and nausea.

Why you should exercise

The importance of exercise in our daily life is primary. Times are changing. There is stiff competition in all careers. Most of them are so physically demanding that youngsters of the age group 22-27 experience work place stress. In the rat race to success we forget to eat healthy. Fast food, junk food and high protein diet is the main cause of obesity. Food habits are poor and there is no scope for burning the fat. Obesity is a growing concern in the United States. Lifestyles being faster there, the people have a diet that includes high fat products. To stay fit and have a good physique, one needs not develop anorexia nervosa. A good body does require food. All you need to do is abstain from fries and make a little time for a little exercise.

The benefits of exercise are numerous. Even if you do not have body issues, exercise is a healthy habit. It helps you free your joints, and helps keep them healthy longer. In other words reduces the chances of having joint problems in old age. In moderation, it helps you overcome lethargy. Beginning the day with exercise is a very healthy habit. It increases blood circulation, improves digestion and solves a number of other health problems. The best thing is you don’t need an instructor, or highly equipped gym to exercise. You can do some free hand on your own, or some power walking or jogging in the park. The effect will be the same. Exercise will make you sweat which frees the pores on the skin giving it a healthy glow.

Exercise at the gym

However, in case you think you have to go to a gym to exercise, it is a fair option too. Take the morning gym hours or evening as per your convenience and make sure you don’t skip. Walking on the treadmill is a fair substitution of walking in the park. It is understandable that not everyone has an access to lush green parks in this generation. Gyms today are experimenting with a wide variety of techniques. There are a variety of machines like barbells, bench press, cables and pulleys, dumb bells, abdominal bench, calf machines. They generally target action to specific parts of the body like, chest, arms, legs, abdomen etc. Most of them are strength gaining workout routines like weightlifting. These types of exercise under trainers are beneficial.

Aerobics and cardio for a healthy heart
Most people are into cardio and aerobics. Cardio is a type of exercise that improves the cardiovascular system. These types of workout are so intense that they make your heart pump faster, thereby increasing the intensity of blood flow in and out of the heart. If the heart pumps more blood, it means that it carries nutrients and oxygen to every cell in the body thereby making you healthier. Cardio helps lose fat faster than most other exercises. An hour of cardio can help you lose a thousand calories even if you eat 3000kcal a day. It strengthens your heart, after all that is too a muscle. A stronger circulatory system means a stronger heart. It relieves stress, stimulates growth and improves brain activity. However, since it is an intense workout regime, you should be careful not to overdo it. Mostly, cardio is combined with weightlifting.

Aerobics is another form of exercise similar to cardio but involves dance movements in synchronization with music. An instructor takes the lead as the instructed follow the moves first slow and then fast. It also includes stretching strength training. The elements are essentially flexibility, muscular strength and cardio vascular fitness. A well balanced beginners’ level aerobics routine will have warm up (5-10 minutes), cardio conditioning (25-30 minutes), muscular strength conditioning (10-15 minutes), cool down( 5-8 minutes) and stretching (5-8 minutes). Much like cardio exercise, aerobics have the same health benefits. It increases blood flow thereby increasing oxygen supply to the cells. It reduces stress and stress related diseases like cholesterol increase.

Increases immunity and lastly, helps reduce weight.
Zumba is another dance routine exercise plan that is fun and very helpful at the same time. You dance to the peppy music and shed extra pounds while enjoying it. There are a number of you tube tutorials on zumba. Video CDs are also available that teaches you to move according to the beats. Also, a number of health clubs offer this service.

Swim away those extra pounds

Swimming is the best form of exercise. If you manage to swim in a pool for even half an hour you will be able to achieve more health goals than cardio and aerobics put together. Swimming is a natural form of exercise like walking and running. It performs the same functions as improving blood circulation and relieving stress and improving muscle activity. It is very effective in helping lose weight as well. Most people take memberships at summing clubs but rarely get into the pool. You should make it a point to swim at least twice or thrice a week if not every day. Some health clubs organize’ zumba’ routines in the pool for both adults and children. It is a form of dance routine performed along with swimming. Movements half-way into the water will require more strength thereby helping one lose weight faster and increase body strength at the same time.

No matter what you do, you cannot undermine the importance of exercise in everyday life. It is that miracle that can save you from so many diseases. A healthy diet and a good exercise plan is all you need to not only add years to your life but also better health. To avoid investing in medicines, invest in a healthy exercise routine from today.

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