Allergies Can’t Be Prevented By Breastfeeding


Mothers who have recently given birth to a baby are often told that by breastfeeding they can protect their child from allergies. Pregnant women are always repeatedly advised by the elder women especially who are mothers that they should never feed their children with artificial milk that is made up of formula. The reason is the misconception of the benefits of breastfeeding that the newborn gets to prevent itself from various allergies. Recent studies from American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology have spoken some real but hidden truths about breast-feeding that common people didn’t know before.

Feeding newborn babies with breast-milk is good as well as bad for the babies. It is a myth that to a great extent breastfeeding can stop allergic reactions in the baby’s body in fact children who are never breastfed have the same probability of getting allergic to a particular substance as the children who are regularly breastfed by their mothers. Therefore breast milk should never be confused with a superficial shield protecting the newborn children from getting into the trap of various allergies.

Study that have brought change in the regular breastfeeding conceptions
In a meeting of ACAAI a group of scientists have revealed that there is no relation between breastfeeding a child and the protection of the breastfed child from allergies. The team was led by Dr. Quindelyn Cook who like his fellow mates earlier believed that there is a certain relationship between breast milk and prevention from allergies but later he found this conventional belief to be lying on some loose grounds. The experiment that has brought up this advanced theory was done with no prior assumptions. It was completely unbiased and objective.
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The medical record of 194 patients between the age group of 4 to 18 years who were detected with the hay-fever allergy which was confirmed by the popular skin prick test was collected from a clinic. These 194 patients were then grouped into two categories; one had those children who were ever breast fed by their mother and other had those children who were always fed with artificial milk. The former group had 134 children and the later had 60 children. After a thorough study of the reports it was seen that both the groups had equivalent number of children suffering from particular allergies irrespective of whether they were ever breastfed or not. The study has thus revealed a new theory which was never known by anybody and therefore posed various new questions which are yet to be answered.

Should we rely on breastfeeding as a healthy food practice for the newborns?
There are numerous benefits of benefits of breastfeeding. Along with the benefits, there are some things that might negatively affect the health of a breastfed child. There are some breastfeeding problems that should be informed to every pregnant woman. But doctors always encourage the mothers who have recently given birth to their child to continually do breastfeeding for more than 6 months. This helps the child to develop a better immune system and brain capacity. It is also helpful for the mother for staying happy and satisfied with their motherhood.
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Are there any breastfeeding problems?

Different women have shared different breastfeeding difficulties with their doctors. Some say that they experience pain during breastfeeding while some complain about the sore and cracked nipples. Sometime ladies also have issues like the clogging of ducts and redness on their breast due to certain kind of infections. The most frequent and insignificant among all of the breastfeeding problems is high/low supply of milk. This problem can be solved by nursing the child properly and also by hand-expressing or hand-on pumping device. Breastfeeding problems are experienced by almost every mother during her post-delivery days. Since these problems are very common therefore nowadays pregnant women are given various sorts of information regarding these and are also provided with effective solutions to such problems.

Taking a deeper look in the benefits of breastfeeding
• Doctors say that babies who are breastfed have less chances falling sick due to pneumonia, viral attacks or common cold. It also protects the infant from diarrhea.
Breastfeeding isn’t something that is encouraged only for short term effects but also for achieving long term goals such as prevention from chronic diseases such as diabetes.
• It helps the mothers to maintain a better bone density during their aging. It is commonly known that the lactating women absorb more calcium than the normal women. During pregnancy though the body becomes week, after the passage of six-eight months the bone density becomes better than before.
• The threat of sudden infant death syndrome is greatly minimized by regular breast-feeding.
• It helps the baby to maintain a normal body weight and helps the mother to shed much of the calories that she gains during the lactating period.
• It reduces the risk of cancer among the infants and also lessens the risk of breast and ovarian cancer among the mothers.
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• The artificial milk can’t understand the baby’s changing body demand but the amount of calorie occupancy in the breast milk changes according to the growth of the baby. From the day of delivery till 3-4 days after it the breast milk is called pre-milk. It contains less sugar and high amount of antibodies, which is required by the baby to build up a healthy immune system. After 3-4 days the milk that is been produced contains more sugar and is more heavy than colostrum because during this phase the baby needs more calories for growing and developing muscles.

• The vaccines work more effectively on breastfed babies since they provide more active antibody reactions to the vaccines.

All the things, which are said about breast-feeding, don’t speak of anything in particular about their approval/disapproval by the common people. Rather they say that; the qualities and the liabilities of breastfeeding are best understood with the diversities of various situations that can be raised. Therefore, people should positively consult with their respective doctors before introducing any change into the routine of breastfeeding.

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