Chronic Kidney Disease – Prevention


Basics of chronic kidney disease
Kidney, an essential part of body is responsible for performing many tasks. Kidney is responsible for processing the blood and removing the wastes and extra water from the body. Chronic kidney disease means long term damage to the kidney which worsens with passing time. Sometimes when the damage is too much, then the kidney stops working. Such a situation is called kidney failure or end stage renal disease. In case your kidneys fail you need to have dialysis or have a kidney transplant to survive.

Who should be more careful?
Anyone can have the chronic kidney disease but there are some who are at more risk which are listed below.
• One who has diabetes
• One having blood pressure
• Having heart disease
• A family member having kidney disease
• Age is above 60 years

How to prevent chronic kidney disease

Life is unpredictable and we cannot judge anything but yes we can try to prevent chronic kidney disease. Let us have a look at the ways to prevent chronic kidney disease. Sometimes it can be prevented by preventing other diseases so that the stage of kidney failure is avoided. Those who already have kidney failure should also focus on these aspects so that the kidney failure does not worsen.

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1. Maintain blood pressure

It is advisable that to prevent the chronic kidney disease you should always try and maintain your blood pressure level. It should be below 130/80. For being on safer side you should regularly measure you blood pressure. Blood pressure is a disease which invites other diseases with it. High blood pressure can cause kidney problems so it is necessary to control blood pressure.

2. Control diabetes
Diabetes is a silent killer. It brings many dangerous diseases with it and destroys the body. It is always better that you don’t get diabetes and if you already have diabetes then you should maintain the blood sugar in order to prevent the chronic kidney disease. You should talk to doctor to understand how frequently the diabetes should be measured.

3. Control cholesterol
Cholesterol is related with the fats in the body. It is again a harmful disease, therefore it is advisable to take care of yourself so that you don’t get cholesterol and if you already have you should control it.

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4. Healthy weight
Weight is an important aspect on which many things depend. A healthy weight helps in preventing diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. If you are already at a healthy weight then continue your daily routine along with exercise to maintain the weight. If you are overweight then you should consult the doctor for strategies for weight loss. The best method for weight loss is to increase the exercise and reduce the intake of calories.

5. Limit the alcohol and quit smoking
If you chose to drink alcohol then it should be taken in proper limit. Women of any age and men above 65 years should have only 1 drink a day. Men below 65 years can have 2 drinks a day. If you have a habit of smoking then consult with your doctor and discuss the strategies for quitting smoking. You can join some counseling and medication for quitting smoking.

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6. Take care of medications
If you are following non prescribed medicines then be careful in taking them. Too much intake of pain relievers can lead to kidney damage. You should consult the doctor before taking any of the medications.
The bottom line
Chronic kidney is a serious disease and everyone should take care of the above things discussed to be safe from the disease. Prevention is always better than cure.

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