Importance of eliminating the Fats and toxins from the body- vital health facts

cleanse the body from toxins & fat

Our body works like a machine. When some of the internal parts become dirty due to years of its continual use, we take proper steps to clean it thoroughly. The selective measures should be such that it doesn’t leave any dirt on the machine parts. If the dirt aren’t cleaned properly on time then it gets accumulated into the system as a result the system faces serious problems while working. Just like the machine, our body also needs to be rinsed out timely to get rid of the unwanted toxins and fats that we consume regularly. There are various ways to cleanse the body from toxins and to get rid of the unwanted fats. People must know about some of them so that they can keep themselves detoxified and healthy.

How do the toxins enter our body?

The air that we breathe is a rich source of toxic substances. If we are living in a highly polluted place then the probability of getting drenched by toxins raises above the normal level. Air contains toxic metals and various volatile hydrocarbons which enter inside our body whenever we inhale it. Just like the air, water also contains harmful toxic chemicals such as chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride, industrial effluents, etc. The water that we drink is usually purified using high-tech purifying devices which apparently help to some extent but the toxicity can’t be entirely removed by such conventional ways. The most direct method by which we let our body to absorb toxic chemicals is by consuming foods that are highly exposed to toxicity. The food that contains high amount of fungicides and food additives must be avoided since they contain lethal chemicals. The people who have clear knowledge about the risks of accumulating toxic substances inside the body don’t easily prefer eating those vegetables which are grown by injecting rich volume of pesticides and herbicides into them. Other sources of toxicity in our daily life are cosmetics, paints, detergent scums, fabrics, perfumes, etc.

Why should you put your efforts to remove toxins from your fat cells?

Our body finds it very easy to expel the water-soluble toxic substances that enter our body. This is simply done with the help of a pair of kidneys and some sincere sweat glands. Urination and sweating thus removes the water-soluble toxins from our body. But what happens to the fat-soluble toxic substances that reside inside our body? It mounts up inside the fat cells whenever a proper detox diet plan isn’t adopted by the body. A survey by NHATS has revealed that around 20 toxic chemicals are found in the fat cells of an individual. If these toxins reside inside the body for a shorter span of time then the body doesn’t get much affected by the reactions caused by them but if they stay years without proper detoxification then such a state is highly alarming.

In this a situation one should definitely find ways to cleanse the body from toxins since these toxic constituents can lead to an upsetting metabolic dysfunction due to the prolong free radical damage that has been happening incessantly inside the body. Immune system, endocrine system and the neurological system are known to be mostly affected by the dangerous outcomes of the accumulation of toxins inside the fat cells of the body. Disorders such as asthma, reproductive dysfunction, intellectual disability, various types of cancers, etc. are caused if the toxin level increases invariably.

Diet that can help you to stamp out your body’s annoying fat molecules

A detox diet plan is something that can rescue you from the health issues that you might face due to the junk foods that you eat all the week. It not only eliminates the toxic elements from your body but also kills the fat accumulation process and enhances the body’s metabolism. Such a diet plan consist of ample amount of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats such as fish oil, olive oil, nuts, etc., fibers from vegetables and fruits, and various sources of proteins. For detoxification, drinking 4-5 liters of water regularly is very much important and effective. Some of the food items that should be certainly ignored are pastries, white bread, caffeine, diet drinks since they contain huge amount of artificial sweeteners in them, alcohol, artificial fruit juice, soft drinks, etc.

Here is a rough sketch of a simple step by step diet plan that will encourage natural Cleansing to remove body toxins as well as fats:

1. As soon as you wake up in the morning get some lukewarm water and squeeze a lemon into it. By drinking it regularly you will enrich yourself with vitamin C and natural detoxifier. It also strengthens the digestive system of the body thus enables the body to absorbs the nutrient from the food that you eat.
2. Your breakfast should be rich in fiber. Foods such as oats, cornflakes, brown bread, etc. It greatly helps those who have constipation problem.
3. If you ever want to get some caffeine for refreshment then don’t seek the usual apologetic method of refreshing yourself rather you can drink some green-tea.
4. Get some lean protein such as boneless chicken, beans, shellfish, etc. in your lunch.
5. Your dinner can have a healthy balance of lean proteins and fresh vegetables. You can also get yourself a dish of healthy salad.

Some other ways of natural Cleansing to remove body toxins

• Regular exercise during the early hours of the day. Yoga helps the body to get abundant oxygen supply during the practice therefore it is very helpful to indulge yourself into yoga for at least 15minutes for a day.
• Hot baths are highly effective. From ancient times sauna is encouraged for detoxification purpose. It has a number of positive effects on the body such as it enhances blood circulation, rejuvenates the skin, helps to sweat, kills the harmful parasites in the body during fever and helps to kill mutated cells. But one shouldn’t be inside an active sauna chamber for more than 30 minutes.
• Motivation in the positive arenas of life helps; since in that way the mind doesn’t take up stress easily. Regular positive encouragement reduces the negativity and stress related issues.
• Detox oriented Spas are also very much effective.
• Chelation therapy is a method that is sometimes used to detoxify the body. Those elements that can purposely bind with the toxic substances residing in our body are being injected inside the body. This deliberately eliminates the heavy metals from the body.
• Fasting also helps in detoxification. During the process, we don’t eat any food thus body gets energy by consuming the fat that is accumulated in the body. As a result, the undesirable fat is shed down.

Nobody should ignore the toxicity issues that are sometimes visible in the health of a person. Since from the time of green revolution the raw food materials are exposed to highly toxic substances such as chemically produces fertilizers, pesticides, coloring agents, etc. The food production houses of some places have banned the usage of certain chemicals still many of the presently used chemicals are dangerous for our health. Industries play a significant role in polluting the water bodies and the atmosphere. All these chemicals have taken shelter in our body, thus it is the high time that we protect ourselves from getting poisoned by this toxicity.

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