Digestive Issues – Reasons


A clear stomach definitely makes a man healthy and happy. Digestive issues are associated with pain, irritation, embarrassment and diseases in the long run. It is important to understand the reasons behind digestion problems and deal with them from the roots.

How do we recognize Digestive Issues?
Digestive Issues are associated with reduced and/ or strained bowel movements, hard to pass stools, bloating, stomach ache, etc. Digestive problems include Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Anal Disorders (Hemorrhoids), Colitis, etc.

Common Symptoms include:
• Abdominal pain
• Abdominal swelling, bloating or distention
• Belching
• Burning in the throat
• Constipation
• Diarrhea
• Gas and flatulence
• Indigestion
• Nausea
• Reflux
• Vomiting

Reasons behind Digestive Issues

1. Modern Lifestyle
The digestive system of the body is extremely efficient in absorbing and assimilating food as well as processing and distributing nutrients to all the organs and cells of the body. However, modern lifestyle with low fibre content in daily diet, excess of processed foods, reduced water intake and lack of exercise leads to Digestive issues. Even not responding timely to the urge to go to the toilet can lead to constipation. Travelling also is a known trigger of Digestive problems.

2. Response to certain food and medications
An individual may start having digestive problems as the body’s response to certain food products – excess of dairy items, fizzy drinks, processed food or intake of wheat items in those allergic to wheat can lead to digestive issues.
Similarly, certain medications – antacid medicines containing calcium or aluminium, antidepressants, iron pills and narcotics – can lead to digestion problems.

3. Psychological Reasons
Stress, Depression, Anxiety are some of the psychological reasons that lead to constipation. As already mentioned, medication for these issues also lead to Digestive Issues.

4. Hygiene
Digestion problems like Diarrhea are caused by bacteria which can be transmitted in our body through food, unclean hands, etc. Hence, maintaining proper hygiene, regularly cleaning hands and eating with washed hands is extremely necessary for avoiding certain digestion-related problems.

A disciplined and clean lifestyle with proper food and water intake, regular exercise and a positive attitude can do wonders to prevent Digestion Problems, which when untamed can lead to major health issues in the long run.
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