Protein: The Unit of Life


Food consists a very huge part of our daily existence and eating right, for that matter, is rather essential for a healthy and proper living. The food that we take on a regular basis is, most of the time, quite unhealthy for us and happens to be the source of a number of diseases or problems. What we eat or our food habits is directly reflected in our health and physical appearance. Naturally, proper and healthy eating is important not only for a fit and healthy body but also in order to look good and attractive. In today’s times, there are a number of suggestions and opinions that one might come across freely and going by that, one is bound to be confused and puzzled, if not disgusted. While the primary target for all is normally weight loss, what we forget along the way in this messy affair is that our main focus should always be to keep ourselves fit and not just to lose weight. You have surely tried a number of supplements and methods already to achieve your dream body but it is a matter of considerable doubt if any of those methods have actually been able to provide you with your main objective or have even brought you remotely closer to it. The basic problem with most of us is that we do not even know our foods well. Thus, an erratic and improper knowledge of the food we take has led us to an ill functioning system where we have to complain about this thing or that every other day, irrespective of our age.

Have protein to live healthy
The best possible solution to all these is to know your body and its needs and then stick to one particular objective – healthy living and keeping fit. Now, in order to maintain that the foremost essential thing to do is to create a diet plan that is high in the life giving protein. One must understand that protein is the very base of our system as it is the most crucial component of our
• cells
• tissues
• enzymes
• hormones
• bones
• blood

skin and what not. Starting form nail and hair regrowth, skin or tissue repairing, bone or cartilage rebuilding to all other important bodily functions, protein is behind them all and provides the backbone for all those programs. Thus it is a ‘macronutrient’ that acts as a one step solution to every problem. No doubt then that having food high in protein content would provide us with all the benefits that we are looking for and probably more than that. Now, the question that arises here is that are we including enough protein in our diet? If no, then how can we possibly fix the situation? What can be the easiest and the most convenient way out?

How to include protein in your diet?
With our modern lifestyle, it indeed becomes very difficult for most of us to keep a tab on what we are having all day long and that too, in what proportion. Certainly, after a busy and hectic day at work the last thing that you would want to think about and remember if you have had the required protein intake for the day. The way out here is to include protein in our diet in such a way that you would not have to worry about it while your purpose is solved all the same. Since, unlike fat or carbohydrate, you cannot store protein in your body, you have to keep a fresh supply of it for the best results. That is why, some people tend to take protein bars or protein shakes as supplements that might compensate for their diet. However, the best way for the most authentic result is always to go for the actual fresh food items and avoid the processed ones, as far as practicable.

What are the easiest available protein sources?
There are a number of food options around us that are rather high in protein content. While the vegetable sources include
• numerous green leafy vegetables
• peas
• beans
• broccoli
• spinach
• soy beans
• nuts, legumes and seed etc
the animal protein group includes food like
• lean meat
• poultry
• seafood
• fishes
• eggs
• low fat dairy like skimmed milk
and so on. A balanced diet that include all these food items in a standard measure would do wonders for you and can guarantee you your dream look in no time. Proper intake of these high protein foods in the right amount can not only make you look lean and trim but also fit and proper. However, consulting an expert is advisable in such cases since the right high protein diet for an individual differs from one to another.

Benefits of a protein rich diet
There is a general idea among us that those people who are associated with sports or body building are in need of protein which is, as you can now understand, is entirely wrong. While the sports people, no doubt, essentially require protein in their diet, the common people like us also need it in our regular diet. Some of the basic benefits of a high protein diet are as follows:
• Building a lean muscle structure
• Getting rid of the excess body fat
• Reducing the muscle loss during rigorous exercise or physical labour
• Curbing repeated hunger
• Reducing hair loss
• Making the hands and limbs stronger
• Reducing brittleness of the nails
• Helping maintain a regulated and healthy body weight

Who is it best for?

A protein enriched diet is a welcome thing for any age group and you can include it in your diet either by using the high protein food items as your daily cooking raw materials for your breakfast, lunch and dinner or by simply chalking out a chart for some specific protein sources. The way hardly matters as long as the nutrient is getting into your system. But, of course, it is always advisable to involve in some sort of bodily functions like sport or gymnasium to ensure the maximum and best results of this diet plan.

Is it too much or too less?

One great problem that people face more often than not is how to know if it is enough or in other words, is it too much or too less? While it is true that an active person, man or woman needs some extra protein for their physical work, it is more or less the same otherwise for every person. A normal serving of five to seven ounces of protein rich food, two to three times a day is just sufficient to meet the protein demand of your body, as what protein does, apart from everything else, is essentially to provide some extra strength. It neither helps in building muscles nor gives extra strength and these are all protein myths that badly need to be busted.

What are the drawbacks?

However, all said and done, there are a few drawbacks to a high protein diet and an excess of it might lead to serious health issues. While some tend to overdo this regime expecting a better and faster result out of it, the nutritionists urge caution. Too much protein and low carbohydrate might bring in a condition of ketosis which leads to a rapid loss of water weight in one. The high protein Atkins regimen also runs the risk of producing high amount of ammonia in the body, which is definitely not good. Again, a high protein diet excretes excessive calcium in the urine and too much loss of calcium often leads to osteoporosis. The most significant of all is that while shunning carbohydrates most people tend to ignore the foods like vegetables and fruits that are storehouses of vitamins, antioxidants and fiber, which help in preventing diseases. Added to it is the fact that too much meat and dairy product consumption, that are rich in saturated fat, can turn out to be the chief causes for the harmful diseases like several types of carcinoma, stroke, diabetes and, of course, heart attack.

Therefore, one must know how to maintain a balance in a diet in order to reap the best results out of it. Just as they say, too much of anything is bad for health, so too, a proper high protein diet under the guidance of an expert physician can solve all your health related issues once and for all and gift you a wonderful life free of tensions and worries about your weight or your system.

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