How do hormones affect the normal functioning of the body?

understanding human growth hormones

You have been waiting for your turn to appear for an interview. Your preparations are impeccable but you are not able to understand that lump in your throat when your name is called. Blame it on your hormones. They are microscopic chemical messengers that communicate with every organ and tissue of your body through your bloodstream. They influence your daily life by regulating your energy levels, swaying your moods, impacting your sex drive, brain health as well as fat storage.

The functionality of hormones has a vital impact on your health and it is important that the hormones in your body are balanced. Hormones are secreted from the endocrine glands in the body. Since your health and fitness are primarily your responsibility, here are details about some of the main hormones in your body and how you should ensure that their levels are maintained.

1. Growth Hormone
Growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary glands. It helps in increasing muscle mass and is responsible for cell growth and regeneration. The growth hormone is secreted in very small amounts and is converted by the liver into growth factors. The secretion is at its peak during puberty and women see a surge in these hormones during pregnancy.
The human growth hormones are often termed as anti-aging hormone because of their functions. While you can introduce them to your body artificially in the form of injections, the best way to balance these hormones is intense exercise.

2. Testosterone
Primarily produced in males, testosterone is responsible for controlling your sex drive, muscle mass and strength. The right amount of testosterone can also increase brain function. In females testosterone is produced in smaller levels in the ovaries. Testosterone is often associated with the overall health and fitness of men. Low levels of this hormone can cause impotence, lower sperm count, loss of muscle mass and reduced sex drive. Staying fit by exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet leads to balanced secretion of testosterone.

3. Estrogen
This hormone is present in females in higher amount than that in males. It regulates the reproductive organs and a hormone imbalance may lead to lower sex drive. These hormones affect the body by impacting muscle recovery and fat storage. In females it is responsible for developing the physical structure and also ensures the growth of egg follicle. A change in the estrogen level is responsible for the side-effects of menopause. While estrogen is available in the form of pills, a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise usually saves you from a hormonal imbalance.

4. Insulin
Insulin often gets a negative response from people who know it mainly for causing diabetes. It is an important hormone that affects metabolism. Insulin helps the body take blood sugar from the food you eat. Poor dietary habits often lead to excessive release of insulin which results in diabetes. These hormones and their effects on your body can define your lifestyle to a great extent, so you should eat a good diet to avoid a hormone imbalance.

5. Cortisol
Cortisol is a hormone that regulates your energy levels. It is often related to stress. When the body senses danger of any kind, cortisol levels increase to give you the energy you need to fight the situation. It goes back to normal when the danger goes away. Chronic stress leads to regular secretion of cortisol which may cause cardiovascular diseases or diabetes.

Diet and hormones are correlated. If you lead a healthy lifestyle and follow a good diet then you should come across fewer problems related to hormones. The hormones secreted by your body naturally regulate many functions of the body. While they may be a very small part of the body, slight changes in the hormone levels can disrupt lifestyle.
Synthetic forms of many hormones are available in the market in the form of pills. You may have to go through certain checks to confirm a hormonal imbalance is affecting your body. Healthcare professionals may prescribe you one of these pills if you face an imbalance, but it is easier to keep the secretion of your hormones controlled by eating the right diet and exercising regularly.

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