The Role of Fenfuro in Managing Diabetes and Blood Glucose Levels

fenfuro-manage your diabetes

You will notice hardly any people these days who are completely fit, healthy and not suffering from any disease. Changing life style is the main reason of the increasing rate of various types of diseases. Diabetes is a very common disease that has been noticed in large section of the population. Around 62 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes only in India in 2015 and it is spreading in such a fast space that the number can be reached to 100 million by 2030. So, if this is the number only in a single country, then can you imagine what will be the total number of people who are suffering from diabetes globally? So, treating this disease and curbing it is extremely important before it takes the world to a horrible situation.

Diabetes is of various kinds and the treatment depends completely upon that. These days’ people are mostly leaning towards using nutraceuticals in order to combat diabetes. Fenfuro is the most popular and first kind of nutraceuticals that came for managing diabetes. Fenfuro is an amazing medicine that is derived from Fenugreek seeds. These seeds are processed in an innovative way. But this process does not affect the chemical properties of the seeds. Saponins and flavonoids are the main compounds present in Fenfuro. All these compounds play a great role in managing diabetes by lowering the blood lipid level, promoting insulin secretion and managing the glucose level in blood. A study has shown that, if fenugreek seeds are added in the diet, it enhances the after meal glucose tolerance while reduces the fasting blood sugar which is required for a diabetic patient. Various studies were conducted on animals as well and all of them have shown positive effects of Fenfuro.

Experts have carried out a study with 154 type-2 diabetic patients for 8 months to find out the safety and efficacy of having Fenfuro medicine. The result is here:

Efficacy Conclusions:

• A major decrease in HbA1C level was noticed as compared to respective baseline value.
• A decrease in the fasting blood sugar level was also noticed.
• The level of PP blood sugar was reduced as compared to respective baseline value.
• 48.8% patients reported reduction anti-diabetic therapy after starting Fenfuro medicine on a regular basis.
• 83% patients reported of reduction in fasting blood sugar level while 89% reported of decrease in the PP blood sugar level.

Safety Conclusions:
Along with providing the efficacy conclusions, experts have provided the safety conclusions of consuming Fenfuro:
Fenfuro diabetes products are completely safe for liver functioning as no changes were noticed in the serum SGOT, SGPT & ALP activities.
• Fenfuro is safe for kidney as no such changes were observed in creatinine levels and blood urea nitrogen.
• No changes were noticed in hematological parameters also.

So, Fenfuro diabetes products are completely safe and it is not going to affect you in anyway. But consult with your physician first and take the dosage as directed by him/ her.

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