Health Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds & Oil


Everything on Earth that is blessed with the form of life is born mortal & hence they suffer from the pangs of pain before taking their final breathe. Humans however have found some of the loopholes to escape various ailments & extend their longevity of their life. With an advance research in the field of medicines, artificial drugs have been discovered which are consumed in massive scale nowadays, so as to relieve from several ailments. In midst of the frenzied rush to dig up the artificial gold, we’ve actually forgotten the acute use of the various herbs & culinary items that too has extreme medical properties in their most natural way. One of the commonly available herbs, known as fenugreek seeds, which are essentially found in Europe & Central Asia, has an abundance of medicinal properties, which still today have a strong use as a remedy for various sicknesses.

The abundance & the benefits of fenugreek can be ascertained to 1500BC, especially in Egypt where they were regarded for the extracted oils. However, in the recent times, with much discoveries & experimentation, fenugreek seeds are utilized for the following health benefits, which are:
• Problems with menopause
• Arthritis pains
• Malfunctioning of kidneys.
• Digestive disorders
• Treatment of skin infections

Any known side effects of Fenugreek leaves & seeds:

Fenugreek oil, although possess some of the best qualities for treatment of various anomalies of health, yet an excess consumption of those might lead to flagrant results like bloating & stomach gas issues. However, while used cooking, it can be essentially very useful for reducing the blood sugar levels, which are indirectly responsible for many others abnormal functioning inside the system.

And the plant as whole

One of the very promising uses of fenugreek leaves is its natural application to the skin to procure a glowing skin, because of its anti-inflammatory compounds which are present in the leaves. The leaves are rich in proteins & fiber nutrients, and therefore are consumed by humans which contain anti-bacterial properties that would be effectively functioning to get rid off of the bad bacteria inside the human system.

There are several fenugreek seeds benefits for which the seeds are extremely valued for. One such fine exemplary of the seeds is the prohibition & reduction of the type 2 diabetes by acting as a natural insulin. Consumption of an exact amount of fenugreek seeds soaked water would help to stabilize & reduce type 2 diabetes by slowing down the digestive capacity of carbohydrates & sugary products. Other form of consumption includes the use of powdered seeds to bake breads that can be consumed as whole.

Another benefit of fenugreek seeds is their ability to stabilize acid reflux & gastrointestinal problems which are often associated with improper digestion. The mucilaginous coatings on the lamina of fenugreek seeds are extremely effective in soothing the internal wall muscles of the stomach, thereby easing the pain.

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Some health benefits of fenugreek oil:

One of the profound uses of the fenugreek plant is their extracted oil, which possesses several requirements in day to day life. Some of the finest uses of the fenugreek oils are described as follows:

• The finest role of fenugreek oil is their anti-inflammatory use that renders it useful for purposes of exterminating the acnes, which can sometimes be very brutal for the skins. Application of the fenugreek oil reduces the swelling & eliminates the reddening of the acnes. Because of its healing properties, it can also alleviate the swelling pains, thus preventing the oxidation & formation of the blackheads which are the aftereffects of acnes.

• Another health benefit of fenugreek oil is its application on the skin as a massage oil that gently soothes the skin, eliminating all the possible inflammations & keeps the skin supple & giving the vibrant, juvenile glow.
• Fenugreek oil is also very important for eliminating swellings, be it from harsh environmental conditions or from the stings of insects. Since it has anti-bacterial effects, it immediately attacks the bacterial infections inside the cells rendering it dead, thus prevents the spread of infection & pain.

• Fenugreek oil has been used for enhancing body metabolism & suppressing appetite, which cause a person to lose significant weights over the time. The oil such consumed acted vehemently with the visceral fats, breaking it down to soluble molecules, which gets excreted out of the system easily.

• Fenugreek oil also has the potential to improve the sexual wellness of any women by enhancing the firming & enlarging breasts. Milk consumed with powdered fenugreek seeds has also been proven to procure the exact results.

• Another benefit of fenugreek oil pertaining to the skins is the elimination of dandruffs, as it helps to nourish the scalp. Daily massaging with fenugreek oil would be effectual for scalp treatments.

• Fenugreek oils are known to be extremely valuable for treatment of conditions like blisters, furuncles, carbuncles, cysts. Application of the oil with any herbal remedy intensifies its efficiency to heal.

• Fenugreek oil is extensively used for aromatherapy that helps to relax the body, alleviating all the stress & thereby soothing the nervous system. In the cases of mild fevers, inhaling the oil & some massages on the chest enhances quick recovery.

• Another vital importance of the consumption of fenugreek oil is their safeguarding effects to pancreas & kidneys, maintaining their health & improving lifespan of humans.

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Make a proper diet chart for fenugreek consumption:
If you’re extremely cautious & concerned about the well-being, you can consult with any dietician who would recommend the daily consumption of exact doses of fenugreek oil. Since fenugreek seeds are a bit sour in their flavor, it is generally recommended to consume the powdered seeds with some other herbal products such as castor oil. The Indian culture has been quite influential in their use of fenugreek seeds, especially in their daily meals such as in lentils & even in their breads. So, to have a healthy life, ensure a rightful consumption of fenugreek oil & seeds.

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