Green Tea Works Wonders- Health Benefits


Green tea works wonders!
Keeping healthy is one of the most important things in today’s world/. Even though we binge into food and absolutely adore good food, we also keep in mind the limit we should put on ourselves. There are more gyms than ever and working out has become a primary activity in daily life. However, here comes a great solution which will keep us healthy and fit. This great solution is a beverage – yes a beverage and that is green tea.

Green tea is known to be the healthiest beverage existing on this planet
. It has many benefits and it has been quite some time since the health benefits of green tea benefits have been brought to light of the common people. It was rarely found in the local markets before but it is available in abundance now. You should be well aware of its constituents and how it will go onto help you.

Green tea has antioxidants in plenty. It has important and essential nutrients that have a powerful influence on your body. On intake of green tea, it has been observed that there is an improvement in the way the brain functions. It also plays a significant role in reducing body fat. Risk of cancer is also reduced by this incredible beverage.
Let’s delve into some of the confirmed health benefits that green tea provides. Surely, after knowing these facts you will not be able to keep away from this miraculous beverage.

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• Green tea comprises of a number of bioactive compounds.
These act as important antioxidants. It protects body cells and prevents molecules from getting damaged. Under its influence, free radicals of our body don’t form easily and keep diseases away. It also prevents early aging. EGCC an important constituent of green tea is known to treat a number of diseases and thus the medicinal value of green tea increase a lot.

It is advised that you buy higher quality brands of tea as the fluoride level in the low quality brands is excessive, though that doesn’t cause as much of risks as the problems it solves.

• Green Tea ensures fat loss.
Fat burning is an important role of green tea. It has also been reported that green tea betters physical performance too. People work out and put in a lot of effort to stay in shape, but this beverage provides you an effortless way of burning away your fat. Other than this, it also increases your metabolic rate, which makes your bodily performance better. No gym hours anymore, you could just sit back at home and relax with a cup of green tea, and you will see the benefits of green tea in just about some time.

Constituents of Green Tea are capable of making you smarter. Not only does green tea prevent you from falling asleep, it also makes your brain function better. It has a stimulant called caffeine but in just the right amount to benefit you directly. It sharpens your senses and enhances the formation of neurons and also betters the amount of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and dopamine. Caffeine also leads to enhancement of memory and vigilance. Your reflexes get better as the rate of firing of neuron sin the brain increases. You feel more productive and also it has been observed that people tend to be in a good mood after having green tea. Coffee on the other hand has a higher concentration of caffeine which gives you a jittery feeling. Now, you know why you should be switching to green tea, right?

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Antioxidants in green tea is known to lower the chances of occurrences of cancer. Cancer is probably the failure of science. No medicine has been able to bring down this disease. It is the leading cause of death in the world. The outrageous growth of cells in the body is what causes cancer. Green tea has dominant antioxidants which might prevent cancer if not cure it. It has influence in reducing chances of breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. It is advised that you don’t put milk in the tea as it reduces the influence of antioxidants present in the beverage.

• Green Tea plays a major role in protecting the brain during old age and also minimizes the chances of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Green tea has constituents called catechin compounds which protect your nerves from degeneration. It keeps your nervous system in good condition and prevents them from neurodegenerative disorders.

• Green Tea prevents bad breath.
The beverage sees to it that there is no bacterial growth in the mouth and hence your mouth is free from infections. Streptococcus mutans is known to be potentially harmful bacteria which cause cavities and tooth decay and also contributes to plaque. The catechin compounds in green tea inhibits the formation of this bacteria and keeps your mouth and gums in good condition. It prevents bad breath by stopping the formation of bacteria in the mouth.

Green Tea helps in reducing the chances of Diabetes type 2. It is the type of diabetes which occurs if the body is incapable of producing insulin. It can help in reducing blood sugar levels. If you develop the habit of drinking green tea, then you might as well lower the chances of having this type of diabetes, if you are still not affected by it.

Green tea helps in reducing the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases. Strokes and heart attacks are a primary reason of death across the globe. Green Tea helps in minimizing the chances of these cardiovascular diseases. It is because it keeps in check the total cholesterol as well as the triglycerides and LDL cholesterol in check. Green tea plays a crucial role in dramatically increasing the anti-oxidizing capability of blood and this prevents LDL cholesterol particles from getting oxidized. This primarily reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

• Green Tea prevents you from becoming obese.
Obesity is a cause of most health diseases. You definitely need to pay heed to your weight. Green Tea consumption can cause significant abdominal fat, which is very difficult to get rid of otherwise. It keeps in check the total body fat percentage and helps in trimming the waistline too. It can keep you in shape very easily. If the beverage is taken with a pinch of salt, better results have been observed in many cases. Thus, green tea benefits you in plenty of ways.

• Green Tea increases your lifetime. Though death is inevitable, we wouldn’t mind postponing that. Green tea plays a significant role in keeping your system intact and prevents it from life taking diseases. Thus, this prevents mortality.

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These wonderful health benefits of green tea will surely make a fan of this beverage. Put down your cup of coffee and try green tea. Even online sellers are keeping good stock of green tea. So you will have absolutely no problem in finding for yourself the perfect blend. The number of green tea in takers has drastically increased in the past 5 years because of its increased availability. If you still haven’t tried it, it is advised that you begin at the earliest so that you can enjoy a healthy and prosperous life.

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