Benefits of Olive Oil for Heart, Skin and Hair


Today, in this twenty first century, every single human being across the globe is more or less conscious about their health, sometimes by their own personal choice and at other times by compulsion, as in diseases or ailments. The basic strategies of a healthy and fit living no doubt consist of the age old concepts of a healthy eating habit, proper sleep and regular exercise. However, there happens to be a slight flaw in this concept, in retrospect, when pitched in today’s times since a healthy eating habit has, by and by, turned out to be an almost extinct virtue. This is mainly because of the fact that most of the food that we consume in today’s fast life, is either processed or canned or else chemically ripened, all of which literally turns the eating right dictum into a big farce. Yet, few things still remain that are intrinsically good for our health in a multiple ways and there are hardly any substitutes for them. One such miracle is the olive oil that that has a thousand health benefits for us when used on a regular basis at a prescribed rate. In fact, it is said that the numerous olive oil health benefits are enough to turn even a dying person into a perfectly fit one. Starting from digestive benefits to skin and hair, there is no end to the wide range of issues that it targets and cures in no time.

How does it benefit our health?
Now, for an all round benefit, olive oil can be both consumed and applied on several places of the body on a regular basis so that it can aid a number of processes and targets in order to transform you into a perfection. It is not for nothing that today olive oil is the foremost recommended cooking oil and more and more health experts are relying on it for its multitude of beneficial properties. The olive oil actually comes from the olive fruit or the olive seed of the olive tree. In fact, the water extracts from the leaves and the fruits are also equally beneficial and are used for medicinal purpose. While on the one hand it offers prompt and long term beauty remedies on the other it is a great solution to a number of serious health issues like diabetes, cancer, heart problems and so on. Let us first find out how the olive oil helps and benefits us, as far as our regular health is concerned. It includes the following:

• Protects against breast cancer and colorectal cancer: Oleocanthal, the phytonutrient present in olive oil acts as ibuprofen that reduces inflammation which in turn reduces the risk of breast cancer or its recurrence.
• Prevents skin cancer: Olive oil is said to contribute to the prevention of malignant melanoma that can cause skin cancer.
• Helps in fighting osteoporosis: The compounds present in Olive oil helps in absorbing calcium and other important minerals, thus strengthening the bones and preventing and fighting osteoporosis.
• Prevents strokes and other cardio vascular diseases: The mono unsaturated fat present in olive oil is a recommended and prescribed form of fat consumed that lowers the LDL cholesterol and raises the HDL cholesterol.
• Helps to reduce depression: The antioxidants present in olive oil and the weight loss that it entails actually helps in reducing stress level and depression.
• Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes: Olive oil actually lowers the low density lipoproteins that are bad for health and instead increases the insulin sensitivity while keeping the blood sugar level under control.
• Helps in balancing blood pressure: Numerous studies have indicated that olive oil consumption not only keeps the heart healthy but keeps the blood pressure under control too.
• Reduces obesity: Due to the polyunsaturated fat present in this oil, foods cooked in it are all low in fat and calorie, which for sure helps to reduce obesity.
• Prevents rheumatoid arthritis: Since it helps in making the bones strong and healthy, this oil is therefore also known to prevent rheumatic arthritis.
• Fights against metabolic syndrome: Metabolic syndrome, which is a condition of a number of diseases like obesity, abnormal blood pressure, high cholesterol etc, and it can be countered by an olive oil diet.
• Reduces risk of Alzheimer’s disease: The Oleocanthal, an active component in olive oil have properties that can prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
• Strengthens bones: Olive oil indeed helps in the calcification and mineralization of the bones, which make them stronger.
• Keeps your heart young and your body light: the antioxidants present in olive oil actually helps to fight off and also repair the evil effects of the free radicals thus keeping your heart young and green.
• Improves kidney function: Since this oil is light on stomach and easy to digest, it actually improves kidney function by allowing the body to digest the foods properly.
• Helps in weight loss: Since it consists of monounsaturated fat rather than the polyunsaturated one, the foods cooked in olive oil are actually low in carbohydrate or calorie and regular consumption thus surely results in weight loss.

What else?
Apart from all benefits there are other more regular sort of health issues that we face in our daily life which can also be cured by regular olive oil uses. Those include complaints like:
• Constipation
• Ear infection
• Jaundice
• Meteorism
• Gall bladder diseases
• Intestinal gas and disorder
• Various Blood vessel problems
• Migraine
• Severe Headache
• Minor burns and other wounds

How does Olive oil aid in our beauty regime?

Again, when it comes to beauty remedies and benefit part, the age old olive oil uses are no less significant here too. While there is quite a huge list of the benefits of olive oil for the skin, nails, and other parts, the most attractive of all the uses is that olive oil benefits hair growth. Most people, both men and women, have this recurring complains against rapid hair fall and increasingly thinning or greying hair and trust me, olive oil is the easiest and most prompt one stop solution to all these problems. Following are the specific benefits that olive oil offer for our all round beauty:

• Improves skin quality: The antioxidants and the Vitamin E present in olive oil protect the skin from the external factors, free radicals, acne problems and so on.
• Moisturises the skin: The calming effect of this oil moisturizes the skin and even treats inflammation.
• Acts as an anti aging component: Olive oil is a great source of antioxidants which is the best anti aging agent and as it keeps the heart and body healthy, it is reflected on the skin too.
• Heals damaged skin: Any sort of cuts, wounds, burns, rashes etc can all be cured by olive oil application due to the special olive oil nutrition present in.
• Strengthens nails: Olive oil improves nail health and makes them stronger and pinker. A ready solution for damaged and brittle nails!
• Improves hair quality and aids in hair growth: It has been proved time and again that olive oil not only makes the hair stronger and healthier, bringing a ready glow, but also benefits in hair growth.
• Lightens skin tone and complexion: Olive oil is said to provide a better skin quality which clears the skin of all problems making it lighter in complexion.
• Tightens the skin: Olive oil has vitamin E, antioxidants and other such beneficial properties that help to tighten the skin making it look younger.
• Helps in removing make up: Since this oil is soft on the skin, it is the best make up removal oil.

The final word
It is because of such a wide range of beneficial qualities and properties and most of the countries today is gradually switching to an olive oil diet and including it in their regular beauty regimen. People across the world today prefer cooking their food in olive oil since it is the best choice start to a healthy living. In fact, it is the key cooking ingredient in the Mediterranean countries like Greece and thus foods cooked in olive oil are called Mediterranean diet. Apart from consuming it, applying it regularly will fetch the best results no doubt. So, in the truest sense, a bottle of extra virgin olive oil has indeed become the apple of our eyes that can surely keep the doctor away.

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