Health Benefits of Rock Salt (Senda Namak)


Rock salt is a natural salt and it is also known as “Halite”, as ”Himalayan salt”, which is a mineral of Sodium chloride. Rock salt is rich in minerals and does not lead any health problems. Rock salt is known as Senda Namak in Hindi. It supposed to be very beneficial for human body and it is available in its purist form. It is used in making various ayurvedic medicines because of its purity and for its well known characteristic. Thus health benefits of Rock Salt are various, even though people over the world prefer sea salt and are using it in cooking foods. Rock salt is easily available in market and every shop of your nearby. Some of ayurvedic experts believe that using too much sea salt may be harmful for the body.

People use this salt in their fast especially in India because they believe that it is a pure salt. Rock salt is available in two forms (colour) one is white and other is red (red-brownish). The white salt is good. It is good for the heart, and it helps to digest your food and gives soothing effects to your digestive system. All other forms of rock salt including dark or light blue, pink, purple or red, gray, black, orange and yellow. Yellow rock salt is not supposed to be good.

The health benefits of rock salt in cooking is; it helps to prevent skin diseases, eye problems, indigestion and gastric problems and giddiness but if you think that sea salt is enough sources of iodine and it is very good for the body so perhaps you may be wrong because we can get iodine from potato, taro roots and even from green vegetables.

Rock salt contains various minerals

Rock salt contains several elements like magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron, zinc which are beneficial for human growth and development. In fact several research shows that rock salt consist 84 important elements to ensure better health in which magnesium and calcium elements are found abundantly and these substance are really necessary for the better functioning of the body.

You can use rock salt in your cooking to fulfill the low level of these minerals in your body. By consuming of senda namak (Rock Salt) in right proportion your body receives these important minerals which tie with other elements to promote activity.

Health Benefits of Rock Salt (Senda Namak)

Helps to maintain metabolism

Health benefits of Senda Namak (Rock salt) helps maintaining metabolism level that is responsible for all body function. It also balance water level in body which helps us to hydrate all time. This is very light to digest. Using Rock salt in cooking helps to stimulate blood circulation in body and it is said that if your blood circulation is good then you automatically keep away from several diseases and problems.

Helps to relief from respiratory problems

The one health benefit of rock salt that will make you amazed to know that now lighting lamps are being made up by rock salt which releases natural Air Ionizer and helps to remove harmful ions that are spread in the air, thus providing hygiene environment for breathing. These lamps are used basically for the treatment of respiratory problems like bronchitis and asthma. You May want to know about- Health Benefits of Green Tea

Mood Revitalizer

The consumption of rock salt promotes better oxygen flow. This makes you feel relax and gradually improve your mood.

Reduce Stress

Taking a pinch of salt and smell its fragrance which helps to relax body and mind also treat your stress.

Appetite Simulator
Pinch of rock salt after every meal stimulates your digestion which result in improve your appetite.

Relief from Bowel Functions

Continues use of rock salt helps to treat your bowel function and you will see the sudden improvement in bloating and acidity problems.

Other Health benefits of Rock Salt (Senda Namak)

By Making Gargle Drink
Just take quarter half spoon of rock salt and mixing it up with boiled water and let this liquid little cool after some time you can use this water as a gargle to relieve from sore throat and whiten teeth.

Relief from Taking Bath
You can feel the soothing effects on your body while bathing from rock salt water, what you need to do, just pick some rock salt crystals and put it on your bath tub and dip your body in it. This will relax your body muscles and detoxify your body fat.

Powerful Digestive Drink

Take quarter spoon of rock salt and dissolve it in a glass of water, you can make it flavored by adding mint leaf and carom seeds which gives instant relief from acidity, indigestion and giddiness.

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