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Health is the most important part of one’s living. Most people are conscious about maintaining their health. If you are not healthy, then there is a hindrance in carrying out the different activities in daily life. It is essential that you be careful about your food habits, water intake and your exercise routines. It is also required that you bathe regularly, brush and floss regularly too.

It is necessary that you give enough importance to maintaining one’s health and carrying out activities that helps in keeping one in good health. Here we will highlight the issue about bad smell in your mouth – its causes and its prevention.

Socializing is a crucial part of living. Never has a man been able to live alone all by himself. Having a bad odor in your mouth will not only bring jeers to you but will also keep you away from people around you, It has been observed that most people do not point out the fact that your mouth smells bad but they just try to avoid you. Thus, this issue doesn’t only create health issues but social issues too.

Bad mouth odour is frowned upon and it is most essential not to ignore it. It needs to be gotten rid of as soon as possible so that it doesn’t lead to any serious problem later. Bad mouth odor also reflects that you do not maintain proper hygiene.

First of all let us look into the facts which tell us what causes bad breath.
• Not brushing and flossing adequately: Most of the times, it is seen that people don’t spend enough time to brush and floss. This leaves behind food particles in the mouth which leads to growth of mouth bacteria. This leads to the bad odor in the mouth.

• Inadequate intake of water: If the water intake reduces, there is a chance of indigestion in your body which gives out the bad odor through your mouth. Insufficient water also spurs the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

• Having food having strong odor: When you have onions or garlic, the smell of these tend to linger even after you have washed your mouth. The smell stays on until the food is out of your body completely.

• Smoking: Smoking and/or chewing tobacco also leads to bad odor. They also leave yellow stains on the teeth and is a cause for decay of teeth and mouth ulcers too.

There are a few diseases or health problems that lead to bad mouth odor too.

• Gum diseases: This happens due to building up of plaque on the teeth. If left untreated it causes damage of the jaw bone and the gums.

• Dental cavities and yeast infections on the mouth also leads to bad mouth odor.
• If you are suffering from dry mouth problems that is also a reason why bad odor could affect you. Saliva is essential to keep the pH level of your mouth and when this gets disrupted, you tend to develop a bad smell in your mouth.

• Other diseases that you should look out for if you are suffering this problem for quite some time: pneumonia, lung diseases, liver problems, kidney problems, bronchitis, diabetes, chronic sinus infections and chronic acid reflux.

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Now let us concentrate on what you should be doing to reduce or prevent this from happening.Dentists and general physicians are the ones you need to go to if you face problems with bad odour in your mouth. For all those suffering from this problem, it is very clear that the problem is quite embarrassing. So it is better that you follow these advices and get yourself rid of this problem.

1. You need to develop a habit of practicing oral hygiene. You need to brush at least twice in a day using fluoride tooth paste so that the food particles and plaque can be removed from your mouth. Brush after each meal and clean them every time before use.

2. Use floss to clean in between your teeth at least once a day.
3. Also clean your tongue. Change your brush once in 3 months or after some illness.

4. Visit a dentist at regular intervals. See to that you take oral exams and goo through professional teeth cleaning so that the causes of your problem are solved.
5. Smoking or chewing tobacco has to be stopped immediately. Ask your doctor for help in case you have a problem quitting.

6. An antiseptic mouthwash works wonders when it comes to getting rid of bad mouth breathe. Ask your doctor to recommend one for you.
7. Drink a lot of water. Also you can use chewing gum and candy which keeps your mouth moist and prevents bacterial growth in the mouth.

8. Maintain a diet and keep away from food with strong odour.
9. Many a times certain medicinal drugs you take cause this odour. Inform your doctor about it.
In a world where fitness is a major concentration, this problem could be a total shame. Since it can be gotten rid of very quickly and easily, it is the responsibility of the affected to act upon the situation and solve it to the earliest.

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Once you do so, no longer will your colleagues avoid you nor will you be laughed about or embarrassed in public – yes there are those who will point it out in public just to embarrass you. This has been observed but it has also been noticed that there are people who don’t do much about this problem and that is what is out right annoying. No one wants to speak to someone with bad breath. It should be realized that this is a genuine annoyance for people whom you interact with and hence the person should act upon the cause at the earliest. With the advanced dental and mouth care available now, this problem will go in just about a few days if followed diligently. So, start the process now!

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