Understanding the human body’s acute need for iron intake


More than once we come across a person suffering from iron deficiency symptoms which leads to anaemia. To put it simply, iron is required by the human body as it helps in the provision of life-sustaining oxygen to the various organs of the body, through the red blood cell production. The lack of adequate quantities of iron in the body leads to an imbalance in the proper growth and development, the criteria for sound health. As a daily system of functions and activities are set out for us, the bodily mechanisms are largely dependent upon nutrients and minerals present within, responsible for its wellbeing. Iron is one such nutrient that helps the body in function of tissues, muscles and organs; effective brain activity being enhanced, and immunity strengthening of the human body.

Chief functions

• Iron is required by the body as to enhance the process of metabolism of food in the body, through the red blood cells that are of undeniable importance. The body is endowed with the capacity to store a percentage of iron for future use in anaemic conditions.
• Besides the formation of haemoglobin as a medium for oxygen carrier, iron is crucial as haemoglobin makes up for the blood loss that a human may suffer. Women therefore are more prone to iron deficiency due to loss of blood during the time of monthly menstruation.
• Without iron, muscles would lose their strength, a sure sign of anaemic people being weakness of muscles. Muscle spasms and contraction cause the restless leg syndrome that is acutely painful.
• Cognitive activity being governed largely by the brain, blood flow to the brain ensures proper brain functioning and development. Alzheimer’s, dementia and various other ailments of the mind may be prevented if the brain is a healthy one, receiving its requisite quota of iron.
• Control of the intestinal, excretory system is dependent on the percentage of iron present in the human body as it prevents renal failure anaemia, amongst other chronic types of anaemia.

• Lastly, as a participant in the synthesis if neurotransmitters like Dopamine, Norepinephrine and Serotonin, iron plays a pivotal role in carrying out various functions related to the neurons and the human brain, the source of all sound functioning of the human beings. Therefore lack of ammonia impairs the concentration of the human beings also rendering them insomniacs.

Where is it found in the human body?
A whopping 70% of the iron contained by a body is stored in the haemoglobin and the myoglobin in the blood. Only because of haemoglobin is oxygen transported from the lungs to the various body tissues through the blood stream. The muscle cells contain myoglobin providing oxygen to muscle cells. Apart from haemoglobin, iron is stored by the human body in the form of various proteins that are important for performing the enzymatic reactions in the body’s proper functioning. Another presence of iron in the body occurs in ferritin, present in the cells circulating through the bloodstream. Ferritin stores iron worth the use of three years in men and only a year worth of requisite iron quantity in women thereby making it clear to us why the average women population is more susceptible to anaemia than men.

Symptoms to look out for to detect iron deficiency:
• Weakening and fatigue are primary symptoms to be on the lookout for.
• Absence of the required quantities of iron in the body can slow a person’s activity by making his exhausted and adding to lethargy. The need for curing anaemia lies heavily upon the statistically proven women and children population who are devoid of the minimum portions of the mineral required by a healthy human body.
• Severe iron deficiency cases showcase patients with brittle spoon-shaped nails and extra smooth tongues. The slowing down of metabolism may adversely affect the body.
• Prolonged deficiency of iron in the human body may result in intense irritability, shortness of breath, dizziness, weight loss and headaches. Anaemia stemming from the nutrient deficiency is treated as a significant factor resulting in the global malnutrition.
• Bleeding ulcers have to keep checked for. People suffering from gastrointestinal conditions find it harder to absorb nutrients from the blood, hence iron supplements should be considered for intake by these people.

What to consume to ensure iron intake by the body?
One of the benefits of iron is that both vegetarian as well as a non-vegetarian diet can offer unlimited scope for its easy availability. Iron found here is called Heme iron and non-Heme iron respectively.
• It seems that mothers laying stress on our consumption of legumes, green leafy vegetables, whole grains such as wheat, millet, oats, brown rice; soy beans, spinach, vegetables like sprouts, broccoli, collard, asparagus, turnip, along with dry fruits such as almonds, prunes, apricots, raisins, walnuts and groundnuts, had kept their quality of being high in iron, in mind.
• Besides organic and natural intake of iron by the body, one may consume a doctor prescribed dosage of iron tablets or through a supplementary diet.
• Alongside these foods rich in iron, foods rich in Vitamin C are important foe the body due to their aid in absorption of iron into the human system. Citrus fruits are often suggested for consumption by the health doctors primarily for the abovementioned reason.
• Dried beans, egg yolk, liver, iron-containing cereals, red meat, oysters, salmon, tuna, also contain ample quantities of iron ready for the body for be absorbed and put to use.
• The body must be supplied sufficient quantities of iron through a regular incorporation of iron rich foods in a balanced diet. For an infant, the iron absorption is solely dependent upon breast-milk, making it a necessity for new born babies to be breast-fed by the mothers.

Immune system
Most importantly, a major necessity of iron in the human body and its maintenance is its role in immunity building. Through a numerous amount of red blood cells helped in their generation by iron, the body is rendered capable of battling diseases and infections besides supplying oxygen for the repair of the damage undergone by the injured tissues and muscles of the body. Iron is therefore crucial for the body in times of recovery.

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