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From the day we learnt and understood clearly the concept of life and death, we all have always wanted to gain a longer life. We all wished to live more than a hundred years and that also in good health and prosperity. But the standard of living as well as the essence of life has deteriorated resulting in the average human to remain alive for about 70 years. Nowadays, scoring a century in the age innings is not that simple. But still, there is no denying the fact that it is a highly achievable goal. Longevity Research Results show that there are currently more than 12,000 centenarians in the United Kingdom and they even receive a telegram from the Queen of England on completion of their 100th year. So what are the ways in which one can ensure oneself a happy healthy life? Before getting an arbitrary answer to the question ‘how long will I live?’, let us all enlighten ourselves with the detailed answer to the question-‘ how to live longer?’. Read on to know and acknowledge 15 simple steps which you help you to lead a happy healthy life.

Few Eating Habits

It goes without saying that our health is directly and immensely related to what we eat. Thus good food habits go a long way in providing you with the essence of a healthier life.

1. Do not eat to your full capacity:-
Eating to your heart’s content is okay but eating till your stomach is 100 percent full may cause damage to your health. Eat a lot of good food, but do stop once you feel that you are 80 percent full. Leave the excess food on your plate and walk away a healthier man. This helps the human body in two specific ways. Firstly, it helps maintain the human a healthier body weight. Next it puts less long-term stress on the body as eating less reduces the metabolism work our body has to perform.

2. 3 Walnuts daily is a must:-
Among all the nuts there are, walnuts are the best for our health. It has immense nutrition such as Anti-ageing and disease fighting anti oxidants. Therefore, eating at least three walnuts a day will be sufficient to provide with the above mentioned nutrition so that you can reap the full benefits.

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3. Cuppa In, Latte Out:- Drink Tea instead of Coffee. The reason is quite simple and interesting. Anti oxidants known as Polyphenols are packed inside tea to a large extent and that helps your body to fight against cancer, cardiac diseases and premature ageing. One step to abide by is to stir it nicely before removing the tea bag as it releases most of the age-resisting ingredients. Drinking tea is one of the many essential secrets of life lengthening that we must adapt.

4. An Apple a day… know the rest:- If not an apple, please try to manage plenty of apple juice daily. It helps to keep your brain active and young. It is found that there are a lot of sticky plaques inside the brain of dementia patients. Two glasses of orange juice daily reduces its formation.

5. Increase daily consumption of Vegetables and fruits:-
Daily intake of vegetables and fruits is highly crucial for healthy sustainable life. It is they are packed wholly with lots and lots of vital vitamins and minerals which when taken effectively boosts the immunity system and helps in fighting the damage causing premature ageing. Recent longevity research reports indicate that persons consuming eight to ten portions of vegetables have one-fourth chances of dying from heart diseases than those eating only three portions.

6. Avoid frozen fruit:- You might have the notion that you are making the fruit last longer, but trust me, the fruit is dead once you put it inside the fridge. At least its nutrition is. As mentioned before, fruits contain vital anti oxidants, which are essential for our health. Storing them inside the fridge reduces the amount of anti oxidants to 20 percent, which is not desired. For example, keeping tomatoes and peppers in bowl instead of the fridge retains its level of Lycopene and betacarotene to a large extent.

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Daily Habits

The way we live each day also dictates our health condition extensively. Thus we must look at the following daily habits and follow them unconditionally.

7. One hour early to bed:- Sleep is an essential part of a human’s life. Lack of it can cause several damages such as heart attacks, heart diseases, depressions and energy deficiency. Therefore going to bed one hour earlier and getting an extra hour of sleep enhances your sleeping habits quite a lot. The changes will be rapid and noticeable and of course, healthy. A recent study at Harvard University revealed that sleeping more than eight hours a day reduces blood pressure and enhances health.

8. Floss every night:- According to Dentist Dr. J. Russell the most widespread and prevalent condition on the planet is Gum disease. Now, it is time we remove it gradually. Thus, he sarcastically instructed – “Floss the teeth that you want to keep”. Moreover, doctors have been able to link gum diseases to diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. Thus, keeping your teeth and gums healthy by flossing each night before going to sleep will not only keep your beautiful smile intact but also provide you long term health benefits.

9. Less than an hour of TV:- Unless you have the world cup final match on, refrain yourself from watching Television for more than an hour every night. The more you waste time watching TV, the more your body is deprived of exercise and your muscles become lazy. This raises your risks of early death and severe illness. Scientists have concluded from earlier and recent researches that every hour of TV we watch snatches away 20 minutes from our life span.

10. Laugh a lot:- The minimum number of times you must laugh daily is 20. It boosts our immunity system, kills stress hormones, generates killer T-cells, which helps in fighting cancer. Hence, if we want a happy healthy life we must try to remain as positive as possible and make ourselves laugh in plenty.

Sexual Habits

11. You may deny it but your sex life is also an undeniable factor which decides a lot about your health and extends your span of a happy and healthy life. Having sex with your sexual partner is something one can’t deny having enjoyed, unless he or she is very bad at it. A longevity research at Welsh revealed that people having sex twice a week or more enjoys half the risk of a premature death than those who have sex less than once a month. Sex reduces stress to a large extent which enhances our contentment and helps us to have better sleep. This in turn benefits us in having a healthier and longer life. Aside from health benefits, sex also enhances our appearances and makes couples look up to seven years younger. So that is why it is very mandatory to have healthy sex at least twice a week and why not? It is essentially God’s greatest creation.

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A few Life Lessons

12. A man cannot live alone entirely throughout his life. Other than family members and close relatives one requires close friends with whom they can spend quality time with, share thoughts and emotions. Friends provide the most important thing in a man’s personal life that is emotional support. With emotional support one gets the ability to fight stress. The feeling of being loved helps enhances production of feel-good chemicals oxytocin and dopamine, which improves brain growth, and resists ageing. Longevity research pinpoints six as the minimum number of friends a person needs.

13. Be a person of details:- A person needs to be conscientious to extend his life in a healthy manner. People who are more fussed about details are careful about money, more thought provoked and have the knack of putting back things at its proper place.

14. Be helpful:- Being helpful towards others not only brings a lot of well wishers in your life but also provides a lot of health rewards. The good feeling, which comes about when we help others, brings around cheerfulness in our hearts which motivates us to lead a healthy and prosperous life with fewer depressions, lesser pains and generally a lot healthier life.

15. Get married:- Contradictory to general public thoughts of the general married men, getting hitched can give you a longer life. Studies reveal that married men are three times more safe from heart diseases than those who have never walked the aisle.

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