Sleep Deprivation and Its Effects With New Born Baby


One of the profound anticipated moments for any pregnant woman is to observe & understand & enjoy, the tiniest subtle moments with the divine miracle she would be delivering soon. Let’s face it! Motherhood is tough & especially in the rudimentary days, when your little ball of sunshine becomes a constant attention magnet, which disrupts your entire schedule & prevaricates from sleeping at night because their needs should be prioritized. This causes imbalance in your daily lifecycle & which might result in red bloodshot eyes & fatigued expressions with occasional nerve breakdown.

Happiness comes at the cost of sleep
The first few months for the newborns are the vital time for their hygiene & since they’re extremely premature in their senses, maternal care is quintessential every hour of the day. For this, most the mothers have to sacrifice their sleep & take an active care of their babies & even sacrifice their scheduled work. This in turn, puts an enormous pressure on their nervous system, which gets physically exhibited in the form of sleep deprivation & fatigued body. Sleep deprivation has been the fundamental reason for several accident scenarios throughout the world for the young mothers & this graph has been consequently increasing over time.

Situations that can arise from sleep deprivation
Lack of sleep for 4-5 nights consequently might be fatal as it exerts tremendous pressure on your nervous system. Broken sleep cycle are even more dangerous as it triggers the secretion of minute amounts of serotonin throughout the day, which would force you give slow responses to anything & makes concentrating even more difficult. Lack of sleep with new babies results in emotional instability, uncontrolled consciousness, disorientation & clumsiness in speech & movement, and also makes the people crave for more food at unusual hours & cycles. Giving the body some rejuvenating hours is utterly important & for this, doctors always advice the young mothers to find a window to get some nap so as to complete the body’s requirement for sleep.

Methods to cope with sleep deprivations
The most obvious question that is put forward by young mothers is to find a solution so as how to deal with sleep deprivation after baby is born since multitasking becomes immensely challenging. However, with a little improvised technique & with some lending hands, one can easily find a feasible way to cope up with sleep deprivations. Below mentioned are some of the few techniques which one can always adopt which would buy them ample time to compensate the lost sleepy hours, which are enumerated in details as:

• Visit your doctor & perform a reestablishment of your sleeping patterns since with the rapid progression of your newborn’s sleeping patterns, you’ve to adjust with your pattern of sleeping & waking up at irregular intervals of the night to cater to their needs. While the newborns tend to sleep 16-20hours a day with frequent cuddles in order to continue their sleep, the older ones sleep for lesser hours. So, it would be beneficial for your health in order to maintain a periodic checkup.

• Don’t vacillate to take the help of nurses from the hospitals for catering the needs of your little sunshine. Sleep deprivations with newborns are some cliché issues that nurses deal with, and it’s nothing shameful to buy some leisure hours for yourself.

• Since raising a newborn is already a titanic burden on you, don’t try to add extra responsibilities that would cause both mental & physical stress on you. Learn to politely refuse such duties, no matter how alluring they might present them.

• Manage to fall asleep when your baby sleeps at night. This would buy you some hours to get the perfect sleep, especially at nights as your body would crave for comfort the most during the nocturnal hours. Snooze all the household chores & sacrifice the alluring pleasures if you want to cope with the lost sleep hours.

• Don’t vacillate to accept help from family members, which would provide you a temporary relief from the strenuous burden of looking after your child. It won’t exhibit your weakness & label you a “failed parent” but would certainly give you some time to get along with some light naps.

• Try to catnap whenever you get a window from the monotonous schedule of monitoring your child. This would certainly relief you from the mental fatigue & would help to compensate the lost hours of sleep at night.

• Don’t feel panicky all the time to think that your child might be wailing because it’s the mother’s tendency to get all her attention attenuated for her precious young one. Instead, purchase yourself a baby monitor, which would allow you to monitor all your child’s activities & would definitely attenuate your alertness senses, giving you tranquility & letting you fall asleep.

• Try to divide the household chores between you & your partner so as to prevent allowing all the responsibilities to burden you. Try to reward yourself with some positive incentives whenever you get a proper sleep which would prevaricate from dampening your spirit of continuing the struggle of raising an infant.

• Don’t try to snooze your sleep hours. This would seriously tamper with your mental conditions & would force you to enter into a state of post-traumatic stress, which could aggravate once you start losing more sleep.

• Once your baby masters the art of breastfeeding, try to practice the method of horizontal breastfeeding technique that would allow you to take catnaps while feeding your infant.

• Prevent the consumption of nicotine, alcoholic beverages, caffeine which would thwart you from falling asleep. Tampering with your health & sleeping patterns can affect your child’s health & yours as well.

Learn to share & live
This would be an effective, yet long term solution for curbing sleep deprivations by letting your child sleep in between you & your partner which would promote bonding between the child & his parents & it would avoid any further walks from your child’s room & your bed. This method has been advocated by several people would found it to be extremely effective & its long term solutions are fruitful as well.

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