Vijaysar – One of the Best Ayurvedic Treatments for Diabetes


Vijaysar (also known as Pterocarpus marsupium / Indian Kino Tree / Malabar Kino wood) is one of the best natural methods for managing diabetes. It is also the most ancient medium of treating diabetes. First introduced by Sushruta thousands of years ago, Vijaysar was given to Diabetics since ancient times.

Vijaysar is a huge tree whose bark is used in various forms for treating Diabetes. It is a very rich source of Pterosupin, Marsupsin and Epicatechin which are the most effective blood glucose lowering compounds. It also modulates tissue glucose utilization in insulin dependent tissues, regenerates beta cells of pancreas to produce insulin naturally and reduces cardinal symptoms for diabetes like Polyuria (Production of large volumes of urine), Polyphagia (Gluttonous excessive eating), Polydipsia (abnormally intense thirsts), burning pains in limbs and general weakness. The action of Vijaysar/ Indian Kino is basically comparable to natural insulin. It is also useful in reducing cholesterol.

In ancient times Vijaysar pieces were soaked overnight in water and it was sieved and given to patients in the morning. Regular practice of the same resulted in controlled Diabetes. It is also an excellent way to prevent Diabetes in those who have pre-diabetes or are genetically prone to Diabetes.

Experiments conducted:

1. In experimentally induced diabetes in rats, 8 days of daily treatment with P. marsupium alcoholic extract was shown to reverse diabetes and to correct high cholesterol and lipids secondary to diabetes.

2. Similar effects on blood glucose and serum lipids were seen in another rat model of diabetes. In addition, this study showed an increase in insulin secretion during the 30-day treatment with P. marsupium water extract.

3. In yet another study, impaired glycogen synthesis in the liver secondary to diabetes was improved after 30 days of treatment suggesting that Pterocarpus marsupium modulated tissue glucose utilization in insulin-dependent tissues and could serve as one possible mechanism of its antidiabetic activity.

4. In cultured skeletal muscles in vitro, Pterocarpus marsupium extract was shown to improve glucose transport, one of the pathological changes in diabetes.

5. In a chronic model of diabetes, during the 115 day study period, Pterocarpus marsupium extract was shown to slow the development, progression and severity of cataract, a common complication of chronic diabetes.

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